FB Mecasystem

Entrance control and speed lanes

Entrance control and speed lanes

FB Mecasystem corridors and fast passages are available in a wide range of designer pedestrian accesses, for the control and management of passage flows. Sleek and robust access control solution with multiple detections for autonomous entrance security.

Lateral movements, fading, or flapping movements

FB Mecasystem develops high-speed gated or drop-out corridors, half-height or full-height with standard passage width or adapted PMR access.

The integrated technologies allow operation with rapid movements in complete safety. The sensors detect the direction of passage, the passage in the opposite direction, the attempt of double passengers (tailgating / tailgating), the unauthorized passage, the passage in force. Additional options allow the detection of dangerous objects and abnormal behavior.

Suitable for heavy traffic areas:

  • FB Mecasystem speed gates meet the need for autonomous access control and are very widely used at the entrances to public and private sites. The robust design combined with the use of the latest BDLC motors make them fast passages suitable for managing intense traffic flows such as airports, stations, concert halls, exhibitions, schools, office buildings, shopping centers. A dedicated “border control” range is offered with integration of biometric reader and document control.
  • The design of FBM fast lanes is made according to contemporary architectural trends but also in the search for energy optimization. We are constantly innovating in order to offer highly reliable and ever more ecological access control solutions. A wide choice of finishes is available, brushed or polished stainless steel, AISI304 or 316L, synthetic materials, natural materials, glass and wood.
  • The constant evolution of requirements in terms of access control requires the combined use of various and varied identification solutions. FB Mecasystem meets these requirements by offering the integration of ticketing solutions, barcode and QR Code scanners, facial recognition, etc.
  • We thought about installing speed lanes after the construction phase of the building. FBM has developed ultra-flat and design platforms in order to install rapid passages without heavy work when there is no possibility of drilling the ground, (heated floor, active slab, etc.)
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