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Road blockers

Road blocking systems

FB Mecasystem offers different solutions and products for road blocking according to the needs and purpose of the project. Depending on the objective, we recommend the appropriate and certified product. Our traffic bollards, fixed, removable, retractable, manual or automatic are ideal to equip a city center to limit access to a pedestrian street or to prohibit access to unauthorized vehicles in the parking lot of a private residence. If the objective is to fight against the risk of terrorism, we will prescribe our high security bollards certified crash test or our roadblockers, surface or shallow, certified according to IWA & PAS68 standards.

FRB ALQUAN high security bollards

FRB ALQUAN high security bollards

Retractable bollard FRB ALQUAN

Retractable bollard FRB ALQUAN

Road obstacles


Our road blockers are designed to provide maximum security and control over vehicular access. With their robust construction and advanced features, they are capable of withstanding high impacts and ensuring the safety of your premises.

Our road obstacles, bollards and roadblockers, ensure the safety of people and goods while integrating perfectly into different environments. Resistant to extreme climates, these equipments come in different finishes, colors, sizes and dimensions that can be used as modern urban furniture. In addition, the elegant design associated with the bollard cladding can be defined on demand according to architectural constraints.

The FB Mecasystem rising barriers are of robust construction and are designed to meet the many needs of controlling one or more accesses to light and heavy vehicles; road gates, parking entrances and exits, toll booths, hospitals, offices, logistics, business centers, car dealerships, cinemas, exhibitions, hotels, train stations, airports, etc. The modular sized rails are equipped with LED indicators.

When considering the price of road blockers, it is essential to evaluate the long-term benefits and durability of the product. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in selecting the right road blocker model based on your requirements and budget.

FBMECASYSTEM offer a wide range of high-quality road blockers with advanced features and reliable performance. FBMECASYSTEM is known for their commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch security solutions.

With FBMECASYSTEM, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a high-quality road blocker that will effectively protect your premises.

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