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FB Mecasystem bollards are offered in different versions depending on their use. Fixed terminals ensure the safety of a zone or pedestrian area, while automatic terminals will be chosen for access to a collective car park or for control of a pedestrian street. The manual and semi-automatic versions are suitable for areas with no power supply and low-traffic access.



Retractable bollard

They are widely used in the management of car parks and parking lots of motorized vehicles in secure areas. A wide variety of automatic bollards and designs of different models are available to suit most urban architectural designs. Whilst the standard range of retractable, fixed and retractable parking bollards are not designed to be ram proof, they are an ideal solution for traffic control in public and private spaces.

Our FBM retractable bollards are generally used to control pedestrian zones and prohibit parking near shopping malls, office buildings, public institutions and private areas. In hydraulic, automatic or manual version equipped with special key lock to modify the position, our series of retractable bollards is suitable for all budgets and a multitude of applications thanks to a robust and aesthetic design.


The use of various materials, stainless steel AISI304, AISI316, construction metal painted or galvanized RAL of your choice, makes it easy to integrate into old or contemporary spaces.
FBM bollards are easy to install and the manual retractable version using a special key can be installed without electricity. The automatic, electro-hydraulic bollards can be controlled by the majority of control systems on the market.

Fixed pedestals and retractable bollards have a reflective strip on the top and are equipped with light indicators (standard for automatic retractable bollards, option for fixed and manual retractable pedestals).

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