FB Mecasystem

FB Mecasystem offers a series of removable bollards to control access to vehicles. This safety equipment is an economical solution for checking vehicle access when the passage is not very busy. The removable bollard is removed by simply turning a special key. These pedestals are an excellent variant for installations on independent tracks with little sustained use. A complete series of removable bollards is offered by FB Mecasystem with different blocking heights and tube diameters. The installation depth of 315 mm makes this bollard easy and quick to install.

Our range of removable bollards comes in two ranges with various functionalities. Traffic, circulation or with high security property, they are widely used as a physical barrier to secure unauthorized access areas to road vehicles and parking management of secure areas. Pedestal removable by special key or manually makes this wide design range a security solution at a reduced price and suitable for most urban architectural designs. The standard range of bollards are not designed to be water hammer proof, they are an ideal solution for traffic control in public areas. FBM Bollards are typically used to control pedestrian areas or prohibit vehicles from parking near shopping malls, office buildings, public institutions and private areas. Unique in design with resistant materials, they can be brushed, polished or RAL painted stainless steel as desired. The position of the removable pedestal is chosen by the user.

Removable bollards (1.1 mb)

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