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Automatic lifting barriers

Mecasystem’s BL40 and BL60 FB electric road barriers are suitable for automatic control of parking lanes. The boom, the mobile arm of the barrier, is available in different lengths, with optional LED signage and net under/over the boom to prevent pedestrian traffic.

Lifting barrier manufacturer


The BL40 and BL60 OPTIMUS electric rising barriers from FB Mecasystem are fully automated solutions for controlling the access of cars and trucks to a protected area or controlled parking.

The box, barrel, of the electric rising barrier is available in different RAL colors. Possibility of construction in AISI316L for corrosive environments. It contains the robust mechanism, electric motor, with compensation spring, as well as the remote control board for the different modes of use. The high operating speed makes the automatic barriers suitable for the need of increased security of a territory.

Numerous options are available, such as two-tone signal lights, automatic management of SAS 3 obstacles, anti-pedestrian net, induction loop, safety cell.

The BL40 and 60 automatic electric barriers are available in 24V and 230V.

The BL40 and 60 OPTIMUS automatic barriers have, on request, luminous indicators at the box and arm levels (3, 4, 5 and 6 meters).

They can be controlled directly by our control unit with separate functions or by all the identification systems on the market (plate reading, LAPI, existing access control, remote controls, etc…).

Combined with our TANOS and AGILIUM road blockers or our ALQAN retractable bollards, they have the SAS function and our Automatic Road Access Management System. For the management of paid parking lots, we offer our totem with price display and space for payment terminal.



The automatic rising barriers are devices of management of the accesses of vehicles, integrating a motorization allowing the barrier to proceed without human intervention.

To ensure the safe operation of an automatic barrier, it must be equipped with several sensors: position sensors, passage and presence detection cells and an induction loop detector.

Laser distance sensors High precision miniature sensors. Powerful sensors for industrial automation. High performance sensors for demanding surfaces. Ranges up to 13 meters.

A photoelectric sensor detects a target object by means of a light beam and consists of a transmitter (containing a light-emitting diode) and a light receiver (with phototransistor). When an object is reached by the light beam, it is then sent to the receiver.

The installation of an automatic barrier is relatively simple. First of all, you have to build a flat concrete base without forgetting the sheathing for the cables. The cables arrive in the central part of the base of the barrier. Seal the base with 4 standard lag bolts or use chemical sealant. Connect the cables, install the safety cells and the induction loops.

Principle: When a user wants to leave the parking lot, he presses the push button or uses his remote control to trigger the opening of the barrier. The barrier opens and then the light turns green. When the vehicle has passed, the light turns red again and the barrier closes.

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