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Full height tourniquets

Full-height “TurnGate” turnstile bi-directional, single or double flow. Rotating drum 3 or 4 branches (90° / 120°) automatic, semi-automatic or entirely mechanical. FB Mecasystem full-height turnstiles are available in different materials: hot-dip galvanized, AISI 304 stainless steel or AISI 316L stainless steel for installation in corrosive environments.

Turn Gate Double TGD

Turn Gate Double TGD

Turn Bicycle gate TGBi

Turn Bicycle gate TGBi

Full height turnstiles


Bi-directional full-height turnstiles with one or two lanes – TurnGate

TURNGATE Full Height Turnstiles by “FB Mecasystem” are one kind of heavy duty and ultra heavy duty pedestrian barrier. Generally, these full-height turnstile accesses of the security chopper type are used for interior or exterior applications in the context of strict security requirements and the fight against vandalism by intrusion. The full-height drums, mobile combs, are available in 3 or 4 branches (4×90° = reinforced single passage / 3×120° = more comfortable passage width). Full height turnstiles are available in one or two lanes.

Robust and high security

Full-height TURN GATE are designed and offered with different materials subject to high safety requirements. The mechanisms, automatic or electromechanical, of these devices can withstand high mechanical loads and have been developed for continuous high-current operation. They are ideal for controlling access to sensitive sites, government buildings, prisons, university campuses, industries and construction sites. All full-height turnstiles (except TURN GLASS) can be made from materials suitable for different outdoor environments (protection class IP65) for outdoor operation outside shelters.

Different materials

FB Mecasystem offers three options of construction materials – AISI304 stainless steel, AISI316L stainless steel, polished or brushed or hot-dip galvanized steel, painted in any RAL color to choose from.

Versatility and variety of combinations

The TURN GATE turnstile is available in different combinations:

  • 1 bidirectional lane with PRM access such as an electromagnetic or motorized door,

  • 1 two-way lane with bicycle access

  • 2 way bi-directional, dual stream

1 disabled access or bulky object, electromechanical or motorized

Mechanism and drive system depending on use

Depending on the level of security required and the place of installation, we offer different mechanisms:

  • electromechanical, adapted to the need for high security
  • motorized, used in comfort and reserved for tertiary areas and interior access
  • fully mechanical requiring no power supply, perfectly suited to areas without a power grid. They are unidirectional

In accordance with the requirements for the physical security of objects, full height turnstiles, when switched off, are blocked. Unlocking is done using special keys, the entry and exit directions are unlocked separately. It is possible to provide passage turnstiles which, when disconnecting from the electrical network, allow free exit from the area.

Operation and compatibilities

All our turnstiles can be controlled or controlled by all access control systems and identification equipment on the market:


TurnGate from FB Mecasystem, one of the best value for money on the market.

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