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FB Mecasystem offers a wide choice of retractable obstacles. Anti ram vehicle road blockers, road blocker FBM TANOS, are road obstacles certified by crash test. They ensure the high security of sensitive sites.  The TANOS UltraShalow and AGILIUM roadblockers are offered in different blocking widths (2000mm / 3000mm / 4000mm).

The extended range of FBM road obstacles makes it possible to offer a solution adapted to the different needs and applications of the high security market.

  • Road blockers FRB TANOS Ultra Shalow  meet the needs requiring shallow civil works such as downtown applications. Thanks to their thin design, the installation is shallow (30cm). 
  • Embassies, places of worship, private residences, hotels, industries, building access and car parks, airports, ultra-sensitive…
  • Surface FRB AGILIUM blockers for occasional security needs, do not require heavy work. Events, exhibitions, demonstrations…
  • Road blockers FRB TANOS for highly vulnerable sites have a very low vehicle ram penetration high blocking segment, inf. at 1 meter. Embassies, government buildings, military bases, power plants, nuclear, ultra-sensitive…

FB Mecasystem offers tailor-made road blocking solutions. Blocking width and height.

Road blockers FRB AGILIUM


Our anti road vehicle barrier FRB AGILIUM is our road blocker series with integrated hydraulic station for the mobile version and remote for the standard version. This versatile and mobile blocker truck is ideal for controlling flows and road access by blocking any passage of unauthorized vehicles. Robust surface obstacle or installed shallow, it provides anti-intrusion security for a perimeter or a sensitive entrance. This hydraulically controlled roadblocker adapts to multiple climates and environments.

Road blockers FRB AGILIUM  high security road obstacles have been manufactured and tested to resist and protect against vehicle impacts and certified according to ASTM

Offering the user, surface or shallow installation, it allows rapid deployment and reduced costs as minimal civil works are required. The standard delivery kit includes the blocking segment, a separate control box with HPU and PLC, connection cable, supply / oil pipes and a push-button control unit. A range of accessories are available to ensure continued operation in extreme weather and environmental conditions. Different blocking widths are offered: 2000mm / 3000mm / 4000mm.

FBM provides all the additional equipment for installation and operation under high security.

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