FB Mecasystem

The FRB AGILIUM City-light are the most versatile of the vehicle blocker series. It offers the user the option of installing it as a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary solution. Among these possibilities there are three types of installation with the possibility of being installed above ground, offering rapid deployment without the need for heavy earthworks. This type of equipment makes it possible to be attached directly to the road surface. For solid use without the ramps, the FRB AGILIUM City-light can be installed in a shallow pit and above ground with rubber ramps that will ensure the strength and proper functioning of our equipment. When closed, it performs the function of retarder for road traffic. The integrated hydraulic unit has the advantage that the PLC can reach 100 m between the blocking panel and the operator. This model is available in different sizes in the FRB AGILIUM City-light series depending on the required blocking width. Other options and sizes with individual characteristics can be considered.

FRB AGILIUM City-light (1.1 mb)

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