FB Mecasystem

Automatic Bollards FRB ALQAN high security  are designed to prevent unauthorized vehicle access to secure areas and to guarantee and cover the highest level of security and anti-terrorist protection. Most often, this model of equipment is used in high and very high risk locations where maximum protection of people and property is required. Generally they are installed in places with an increased risk of attack by trucks and other heavy vehicles, such as public places (stadiums, fairs), governmental institutions and establishments, sensitive companies or other military infrastructures, etc. These bollards are fixed in single or multiple units with an external hydraulic station equipped with an automaton, connected via hydraulic hoses A control panel with a separate push button is used for manual control and is usually placed in the security station (control room). All our equipment can be easily controlled by ACS and other vehicle access control equipment.


Bornes automatiques M30 (1.1 mb)

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