FB Mecasystem

PANDORE is a motorized turnstile characterized by the sliding shutter operating principle. The materials of the shaft and the lightweight shape of the cabinets make the PANDORE turnstile universal for a wide variety of installations with increased aesthetic needs. In addition to the other turnstiles in the Freeway series, PANDORE incorporates an anti-calibration feature. Sliding shutters are made of glass, polycarbonate is optional. Turnstiles can be operated by push button or ACS (access control system).


  • PANDORE is equipped with sensors to detect backfiring;
  • Successful combination of price and high quality;
  • Customizable surface finish and top cover;
  • Stable and suitable for high traffic areas
  • Solution for disabled and PRM access;
  • Can be integrated with any type of access control system
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Low noise system operation;
  • Can be mounted on a mobile platform (FB Mecsaystem Frame-M).


  • Wired remote control panel.

PANDORE (1.1 mb)

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